Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cradle Mountain

The lovely mrs tff and I just got back from two delightful weeks in Tasmania. It is a fantastic place: only about 500,000 permanent inhabitants (but about double that in tourist visitors, most of them grey nomads!); wonderful weather; exquisite scenery; and they do wine and food really well (mostly).

We stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge for a few days. I don't know whether we stayed in the KRudd Kabin or not, but it was delightful. We had a pademelon who visited us every day - she seemed to expect admittance, but having experienced having a possum inside a house, we had no desire to let her in. But she was cute!
pademelon by tff

When she wasn't looking at us plaintively, she enjoyed cleaning herself in the sun, and here she is (above) doing just that.

We also managed to do a bit of walking - there are delightful walks, both short and long, at Cradle Mountain. Here are a couple of images from the Tasmanian bush.
cradle mountain by tff

falls by tff

It's going to be hard adjusting to the real world again!



Areekkodan | അരീക്കോടന്‍ said...

Very good fotoes.

Robert said...

Hi...from Parkes, to blogging and photography. Enjoyed your blog. My first one , and the interest in photography came from a trip to Nepal:
and now a new blog so I can keep up the hobby:
If any tips on the photos would appreciate. Will visit again. Thanks

Bill said...

Yes I agree with you, Cradle Mountain is a fabulous spot. When we were there, the lodge was booked so we stayed at the nearby Lemonthyme Lodge which was very good as well. At Dove Lake, the mountain was visible in all its glory with not a cloud in sight. Apparently that is rare. Look forward to see more of your excellent photos on your blog.