Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the refinery by tff

This photograph appeared in my other blog back in February 2009. I was contacted by an Australian publisher who wanted to use it in a school text book. We negotiated a deal.

I just checked and the book has been published; my photograph is in it. Hooray!

It's on page 222, in a section about "Urbanisation", if you care to walk into a book store and take a look :-)

I know the photo is no work of art, but the lesson is to present every image to its best effect by making sure that it is sharp, the horizon is straight and that tone and contrast suit the subject.



cara said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, that's fab - did you get a credit in the book?

the foto fanatic said...

Hi Cara

Yes, I did - although they have all the credits listed together at the back of the book, rather than under each photo.

Makes it a bit hard to associate the name with the image.

Oh well - I got a cheque too!