Monday, January 21, 2008

Local neighbourhood

After a certain length of time, we humans close our eyes to our surrounds. Or, at least, we fail to see things because we are so used to seeing them. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say.

Every now and then, I grab my camera and tour my local neighbourhood. I have a fairly large folder of images that I have taken over time in this way. By switching on my photographer's brain, I get to see things that I haven't previously noticed. Or, I see things differently from the way I have seen them before.

My local bakery parks an old bicycle outside the entrance. One day, I asked them if I could photograph the bike, and they were only to happy to let me do that. This photograph is the result.

I bet I've walked or driven past that bike hundreds of times without giving it a second thought, and yet is unique enough, with its bright yellow colour (even the tyres!) and cane basket to justify being photographed.

EXIF: D70; Nikkor 12-24mm DX; ISO 200; 1/160; f14


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