Thursday, February 28, 2008

The confectionery counter

I have previously mentioned the importance of the presentation of food for photography, but I suppose that it applies equally to the presentation of food for sale. I think I am a shopper in the true sense of the word - I make a list, then I go and buy what is on my list. Most people who "go shopping" really go browsing; they look at things that they may buy at some future time, or even things that they may never buy. My "practical" gene finds that activity rather redundant, but I am probably in the minority.

However, sometimes, usually when we are on holiday, I find myself accompanying my wife while she is "shopping". I have to confess that on the odd occasion I find something interesting, like the shelves in the condiment shop on my recent post. This is what happened here. We were wandering through a department store in Paris, when I happened on their confectionery counter, which was unlike anything I had seen before. The use of colour in the counter display was wonderful, and the contents themselves looked positively yummy.

The display was lit well enough for me to take the photograph without flash, so I avoided the potential of reflections from the glass display case. All that was needed was to compose and click.

EXIF: Sony DSC70; ISO 100; 1/45 sec; f2.


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