Friday, February 29, 2008

Another pattern

Once again, it's a pattern that has caught my eye. This isn't a maze or a puzzle, nor is it the embossing on a door or ornament. The photograph was taken in Reims, France by my friend Jon Marshall. The location should provide a clue, as does the sign towards the top of the picture.

The image is an underground cave, or cellar, used to store champagne, and it is rows of champagne bottles, tops and bottoms, carefully stacked to make up the pattern in the picture. The champagne is stored this way until the maker decides that it is ready to release to the market. These bottles are at the House of Taittinger, and the sign indicates that there are 71,610 bottles stored in this cave. As well as the terroir around Reims, it is these limestone caves that give champagne its signature quality.

My wife and I met Jon and his partner Alisha in Reims at the start of the champagne tour at
Taittinger. By an absolute coincidence they were from Brisbane, where we also live; and so we were able to share the tours of several of the champagne houses, naturally accompanied by the proprietor's product at each venue. Since landing back in Brisbane after our separate trips we have kept in contact, and still share a glass of champagne from time to time.

EXIF: Photo by Jon Marshall; Nikon CoolPix 995; ISO 100; 1/60 sec; f2.7.


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