Friday, February 8, 2008

The snooker lesson

Finishing our "People" theme for the week is this photo that I took at the wedding of some friends. The little boy is part of the official wedding party, and the wedding photographer is setting up pictures with the groom and groomsmen prior to the ceremony.

Although I had my flash with me (in fact I had it mounted on the camera, but not switched on), I thought this photo would have some potential using only the available light from the large window at the left. The afternoon light has rendered nice skin tones, and the snooker table, dark suits and furnishings have given the picture a terrific "boys' club" feel.

Although a flash is an important part of a photographer's kit, it is a mistake to use it indiscriminately. Sometimes available light, even when it is dim, can give a better mood to a photograph than artificial light. I try to assess every shot on its merits, even at night, and decide whether the situation would be better lit by flash or otherwise. You could even so both - flash and ambient lighting - and decide later which gives better results. You can bet that they will be different.

EXIF: Nikon D70; Nikkor 17-55 mm DX; ISO 200; 1/60 sec; f2.8.


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