Monday, March 17, 2008


You get unintended consequences in photography sometimes. I cannot lie - mostly the unintended consequences are bad news. The type of thing that happens when you haven't reset the ISO after shooting in the dark the previous night, or when the auto white balance setting decides that skin tones are green today.

But sometimes whatever gremlin that has infected your camera (or, more likely, your brain!) actually gives you a free kick and you end up with something better than you imagined.

This is what happened here. I took this picture using film one
winter day in Europe. I knew that the trees would be silhouetted against the sky, which, although overcast, was quite a deal brighter than the foreground. What I didn't expect was that the image would end up looking like some sort of charcoal sketch. The swirling clouds and the bare trees had a desolate quality that I hadn't seen before I took the photo. Sometimes the camera just enhances the subject - they say that's what happened when Marilyn Monroe was photographed.

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