Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The ceremony

The ceremony itself is also a possible source of wedding photos, and that is particularly true if the ceremony has something unusual about it. When my friends Matt and Vicki were married in Greece, the ceremony was conducted by a Greek Orthodox priest in a 200-year old church on an island. The Greek Orthodox ceremony is full of tradition and symbolism, including fixing crowns on the heads of the newlyweds, then showering them with sugared almonds as they are led ceremonially around the church by the priest. The sense of fun and joy in this part of the wedding was a counterpoint to the quite formal parts of the ceremony.

However, the photographer has to be mindful of when it is acceptable to take pictures, particularly when using flash. It may not be appropriate in certain circumstances, and it is always advisable to find out from the priest or celebrant before the ceremony whether there are any times when photographs aren't welcome.

EXIF: Canon A620; ISO 100; 1/60 sec; f3.5.


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