Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on weddings

Although, at a wedding, all the focus is on the bride and groom, there are also other stories to be told. The bridal party, the parents, the extended families - all of these people are connected to the event in some way. When looking back at the wedding day in years to come, the bride and groom will want to remember them too.

When my friends Sarah and Patrick were married, Patrick's nephew was one of the groomsman. He has appeared in TFF before, playing pool with the boys before the ceremony. He was a real scene stealer, dressed up in his min-tux; a smaller version of the other groomsmen. Like the others, he was a little excited and nervous, and here his grandfather has a quiet word of reassurance for the little man just before the wedding was to begin.

The wedding photographer has to have an eye out for these ancillary events while concentrating mainly on the bride and groom. Professional wedding photographers sometimes have a second shooter for just this type of picture. The solo photographer doesn't have the same luxury, so they must make sure not to forget to look for the other stories.

EXIF: Nikon D70; Nikkor 70-200mm VR; ISO 200; 1/125 sec; f5.6


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