Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wedding

My niece Sarah (that's her, above, when she was about 4) is getting married next week. The whole family is looking forward to the wedding. We all approve of her fiance, who has virtually been part of the family for a few years in any case, and Sarah is so excited about the big day. She is a master organiser, and the preparations are well in hand.

Sarah has asked me to photograph the wedding. Although I have taken photographs at many weddings, I have never been the wedding photographer before. Nervous - me? Yup.

But I am looking forward to the challenge; and certainly, sharing the successful images that result will be wonderful. I am in preparation mode as we speak: making sure the equipment is in tip-top working condition, charging batteries, working out a plan for the shoot. I have the running sheet for the day and a map of the venue, together with some ideas from the bride-to-be on the type of shots she would like.

Tomorrow I will be going to the venue to see the layout for myself, and I'm going to be there at the same time that the events are scheduled to unfold next week. That way I can judge the lighting as well as plan some scenic spots for the photographs. There will also be a rehearsal a couple of days out from the ceremony, so that will give me more opportunity to scout the venue and prepare.


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