Thursday, May 29, 2008

The rehearsal

Yesterday we had the rehearsal for Sarah's wedding, which is happening on Saturday. That's Sarah above, with her father Michael, practicing their entrance to the wedding venue. She looks very relaxed and happy, doesn't she?

I used the rehearsal to decide on the best positions for me to be in for the ceremony, the signing of the register and the immediate aftermath. Father Peter, who is performing the ceremony, pre-empted my questions from yesterday's post by telling me that he didn't mind where I stood or whether I used flash or not. He even offered to "stage manage" the register signing for me to make sure that we had the best possible results. He was terrific actually - very down-to-earth, and fully aware that the day is all about the couple and what they want, rather than what he might want.

I was also able to have another look around the site for photo vantage points, as well as being able to check the lighting. Yesterday's lighting was quite flat, rather than the afternoon sunlight I was expecting. This was a result of overcast conditions, and it appears likely that we will have similar lighting on the day, so it was good to have a preview.

EXIF: Nikon D300; Nikkor 24-70mm; ISO 200; 1/200 sec; f4.


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