Friday, May 23, 2008

Tulip bowl

Following on from yesterday's post about tulips, here is a picture of a tulip flower taken from vertically above, showing the stamen. You can also see how the shape of the flower is reminiscent of a wine glass. Nature certainly has provided us with the blueprints for lots of handy things. This flower didn't come from the nursery we saw yesterday (to my knowledge, anyway!) as the photos were taken some years apart.

Apart from that, the outstanding colour of the bloom and the terrific contrast with the foliage look very attractive. This bloom was part of a bunch of cut flowers, so the picture was taken indoors with a couple of flashes for lighting.

Tulips seem to bloom very quickly - they open, and then, within a couple of days, the petals are dropping off. But, they are beautiful while they last.

EXIF: Nikon D200; Micro Nikkor 105mm; ISO 200; 6/10 sec; f22.


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