Monday, May 12, 2008

Useful flash accessories

One of my favourite photo sites is Strobist, a collection of helpful hints, strategies and demonstrations of the imaginative use of small flash guns as opposed to large studio lighting setups. Most amateur photographers have a flash, whether it is the small internal flash that comes with the camera, or a slightly larger flash on a hot shoe. The Strobist site is well worth a visit (click on the Strobist link beside this blog) - you'll find useful tutorials that will improve your use of artificial light.

A recent article there previewed the range of flash accessories currently being marketed by Dave Honl, a professional photographer. Like many before him, Dave is supplementing his photographic gigs by selling some useful tools that have grown out of his own DIY accessories. Click here to visit his web site.

As one who has made snoots out of paper and gobos out of anything handy, like most photographers, I was impressed by this range of easily transported and relatively low-cost flash add-ons. Whilst I can see the usefulness of studio lighting, I have neither the room nor the budget to set up multiple lights, seamless backdrops and power packs. If I can modify my OEM flashes with useful accessories, then I am a happy photographer.

I have bought Dave's snoot, pictured above, to give me a way of narrowing the light that falls on the subject, allowing for some cool effects when coupled with the ambient lighting. You can see that it can also double as a bounce card, thanks to its unique construction and velcro tabs. It arrived from the US in about a week, and I can already see that it will become a fixture in my camera bag.


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