Friday, May 16, 2008

Non-rolling stones

These stones obviously haven't rolled for some time. The very bright green and very slippery moss was attached securely to the rocks along this shore-line. The water is sparkling clean, but nonetheless plenty of algae has formed, and it seems to have been there for a while. It looks like the algae only exists to the water line, as the parts of rock that are above that have no algae at all, while it is fairly abundant below. I know absolutely nothing about marine fungus, so everything that I have just written is opinion only!

I took the photo because I liked the bright colour of the algae and the contrast with the bland rocks and the blue water. In fact, the exposure was quite tricky, because the bright sun was playing havoc with the pale rocks. I have had to adjust the exposure of some of the rocks in post processing so that there were no hotspots in the final image.

EXIF: Canon A620; ISO 200; 1/500 sec; f4.


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