Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring tulips

It's not spring here, where I live. It's the start of winter actually, the days are shorter and cooler, and the football season is well underway. Sometimes it does you good to look for images that remind you of a different season, and that's what I have done here.

Each year in Melbourne they have a Tulip Festival, and I happened to be there one year when the festival was in full swing. This photo was taken at a commercial tulip nursery that had lots of interesting Dutch food and drinks, not to mention a plethora of tulips. Tulips, of course, are very colourful and when planted in long rows in their varying hues, they are almost irresistible from a photographic standpoint.

Holland is famous for its tulips, and in fact at one time tulips were almost a form of currency in that country. I believe there was even a secondary tulip market on the stock exchange, such was their economic power at the time. Tulips are not native to the Netherlands, however - tulips originated in Asia, being found natively in Turkey and Afghanistan. In any case, they are now a very popular flower world-wide, and a delight to look at.

EXIF: Sony Cybershot; ISO 100; 1/500 sec; f4.

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