Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Back to Brisbane today for our largest and highest bridge, the Gateway Bridge. High enough for all but the biggest ships to pass under, the Gateway dominates the skyline at the mouth of the Brisbane River. Construction has commenced on a duplicate bridge to cope with the increasing Brisbane traffic.

The Gateway Bridge was completed over 20 years ago, after years of construction to achieve its 260 metre length,making it the longest bridge of its type in the world. The original bridge caused the Royal Queensland Golf Club, situated on the river's northern side, some major alteration, and to allow for the new bridge, the club's layout has this time been completely reconfigured.

This picture was taken from a marina on the southern side of the river, looking back over the bridge towards the city. I took the photo at sunset after a pleasant afternoon spent on a boat cruising the river.

EXIF: Canon A620; auto


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