Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Old bridge

Very old. In fact, it's called the Old Bridge, or Ponte Vecchio in Italian, and it is situated in the beautiful Italian town of Florence. It is believed that the original bridge across the Arno at this, its narrowest point, was constructed by the Romans. You cross the Ponte Vecchio through an arcade of galleries and shops, many of them jewellery related. The bridge was fortunate to have survived World War II, apparently at the express instructions of Hitler.

The bridge is a tourist attraction in its own right, and is situated in a city that overflows with tourist venues - think David, the Duomo and the various Medici palaces. Be prepared for quite a crowd if you should visit it.

This photo is over 20 years old. I walked away from the bridge to try to capture the reflection of its three arches in the water below. The colours seem to me to be particularly Tuscan, and although some would argue that the bridge is no architectural marvel, its history and iconic stature certainly make it a pictorial must.


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