Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Speaking of bridges, here's a beauty!

Yes, I know that probably every tourist to San Francisco has taken this exact shot, but I wanted my own. And not only that, but when you are standing looking at the thing, it's so darn spectacular that you have to photograph it.

Profoundly fortunate to find a day that was clear and bright (in other words, no fog) with a beautiful blue sky that dramatically contrasted the colour of the bridge, I couldn't resist taking this picture.

The Golden Gate Bridge had the longest span of any suspension bridge in the world when it was built across San Francisco Bay. Whenever I think of San Francisco, which is one of my favourite "big cities" in the world, it's just as impossible to avoid thinking of the bridge as it to avoid thinking about hills and trams. San Francisco's restaurants and its diverse neighbourhoods make it a wonderful spot for a visit.


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