Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Software update

Today we are looking at two of my favourite photo applications - Adobe Lightroom and Nik Software's new product, Viveza.

Adobe, the manufacturers of the gold standard photo editor Photoshop, released their new Lightroom program about a year ago. Lightroom combines a photo indexing and library system with non-destructive global editing functions. Adobe say that Lightroom was developed with the input of professional photographers to ensure that the software would be suitable. I have been extremely happy with the program since I started using it, to such an extent that it is now my main imaging software. Lightroom announced the public release of Version 2.0 a few days ago. The beta can be downlowded by any Version 1.0 owner, or as a 30-day trial for those who don't yet own Lightroom. Apart from cosmetic improvements and support for multiple monitors, this beta version also includes a new spot and blemish remover. Details can be found on the Adobe web pages.

Nik Software have also announced a new editing program called Viveza. This program has the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation on areas within the image without the need for layer masks. Nik claim that their U Point technology is the most powerful and precise tool available to control light and color in photographic images. I have been using it recently,and my early investigation would certainly support their claims. It makes selections and masks a thing of the past in most circumstances, and does a creditable job even where selection would be very difficult. Nik Software has all the information on their web site.

EXIF: Nikon D70; Nikkor 18-70mm DX; ISO 200; 1/500 sec; f9.


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