Thursday, April 17, 2008


Athens has the most frequent and spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. There is something about the air (probably pollution) that makes the setting sun a brilliant sight on most evenings in Athens. When I was last in Athens, I was staying in a hotel quite near the Acropolis, and there was a flat roof on the hotel that was a perfect viewing platform for sunsets. The presence of some friends and a bottle of wine was another reason to get up there on most afternoons.

Sunsets suffer from the same issues as sunrises. The photographer must get something of interest into the frame in addition to the sunset. In the image above, I have one of the wonders of the world silhouetted against the early sunset, so the photo works on a couple of levels. Compare that to the image below, taken a little later, where although the sky is more dramatic, the flat Athens cityscape
in the foreground does little to enhance the picture.
EXIF: Canon A620; auto.


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